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stacja szklarska poręba

“Stacja” (The Station) is a place born out of passion. The passion for the Karkonosze Mountains, where we used to come on holidays since childhood. Passion for active tourism, sport and healthy lifestyle. We love Szklarska Poręba, and the surroundings of our house offer walks so beautiful that we easily forget about the big city life. Here you will truly experience the peak level of the mountain living.

We offer you a choice of comfortable rooms, junior suites and studios. Surely, everyone will find a suitable space for themselves. We place great emphasis on cleanliness and safety of our guests. “Stacja” will provide you with blissful peace and quiet. It is a perfect asylum and a place to regenerate after a long active day.


“Stacja” is located in Biała Dolina (the White Valley) – a quiet and picturesque district of Szklarska Poręba. There is blissful peace and quiet and the air is crystal clear.

The centre is 20-minute walk away from our house.

“Stacja” is located 780 above sea level and is a perfect base for recreation. Just outside the gate you can strap on your cross-country skis, get on your bike or go for a walk. Beautiful views guaranteed.


What might be surprising is that “Stacja” is a completely newly built house. We have started the construction in 2015 and finished in 2020. The building is filled up with modern solutions, but we have tried our best to remain the historical style of houses typical for this area, where granite and wood prevail. 

“Stacja” was built in the gardens of a neighbouring building, which already 100 years ago served as a guesthouse and offered, among other things, rooms with hot water and electricity.

We are surrounded by century-old spruce trees. The house is decorated with a huge rhododendron which remembers the pre-war tourists.

the Izera Railway (kolej izerska)

We are passionate about railways. That is the main reason why we chose this place. The Jizera Railway line runs next to us, leading to Jakuszyce and Harachov, among other places. This railway, the highest in Poland, was built in 1902 to carry tourists.  It was revitalised in 2010 after 65 years of disuse.

The Huta train stop, about 300 metres away from our house, allows you to avoid weekend traffic and instantly move to the skiing and cycling areas in winter and summer.


Najczęściej zadawane pytania

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o nas

“Spędziliśmy tu cudowne chwile, szczerze polecamy i na pewno wrócimy :)”


“Piękne pokoje, dzieciaki bezpiecznie biegają po zamkniętej posesji, a dookoła mnóstwo fantastycznych tras spacerowych. Było wspaniale!”


“Mieliśmy tę przyjemność, aby wynająć na weekend cały dom. Spędziliśmy cały czas na izerskich single trackach. Polecam!”